World leaders in regenerative medicine.

Surecell medical group specializes in the clinical application of autologous PRP and stem cell therapy.  The Surecell group treats up to 1,000 patients per month, trains medical professionals from across the globe and creates educational material accessible to both patients and health workers.  With Clinics across Australia, as well as in Thailand and Bangladesh, find out how Surecell therapy could help you.

PLATElet rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an extract from the patients blood. The platelets in your body are in charge of healing wounds, like when the cut on your finger clots up to stop the bleeding. By injecting the concentrated platelets, PRP therapies provide injured areas with the tools to heal.

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Stem Cells can develop into different cells and act as growth factor power plants to motivate activity in dormant resident cells.

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